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Digital Advertising | PPC Campaigns

Digital advertising campaigns can ensure potential customers know about your hospitality business.

The age of traditional media has been eclipsed by digital advertising. In the ‘old days’ you could simply place an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper and generate significant awareness of your hotel, restaurant or bar.

Those days are gone. The new focus of your advertising and awareness campaigns should include Google Ads, Meta, and the other leading digital advertising channels.

As an Australian hospitality marketing agency with over 20 years of experience we can help create and manage your digital advertising and PPC campaigns  to drive awareness and revenue for your business.

Every ad campaign is specifically targeted to create real-world results with impressions, clicks, email enquiries, site visits, and phone calls – all with the intention of making those potential customers convert into bookings.

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Why choose us as your Australian hospitality marketing agency?

Local SEO Is Critical
Industry-leading hospitality marketing tools and talent

We believe you get the best results through a combination of the best people and the best technology. Our team subscribe to and are trained in, the very best hospitality marketing tools available for maximising client results.

Australian Hospitality Marketing Agency

As a client, you will have access to your dedicated ‘MarketingHub’ hospitality marketing platform. Think of it as ‘mission control’ for all your digital marketing activity giving you complete transparency of your ad performance.

Hospitality Marketing Melbourne
Clear plans aligned to your goals

These days keywords are just the beginning. Our hospitality marketing specialists will work with you to build digital marketing campaigns and harness the most up-to-date platform features for maximum impact.

Hospitality Digital Agency

We have helped hundreds of hospitality businesses grow over the last 20+ years. We understand the unique challenges of the highly competitive local hospo market and can help you win.

How many function and events bookings are you losing because of ineffective digital marketing?

Our guess is that it’s probably more than you’d imagine. At Indigo Digital, we work with you to help you maximise your business growth, return-on-investment and peace-of-mind.

Once potential customers 'KNOW' about you, will they be able to 'FIND' you...