MIT - Susan Hockfield

The home page integrates multimedia elements, a slideshow feature, and a link to a downloadable book.
Each theme displays a different constantly-updated RSS feed, curated by the MIT News Office, customized to the style of the site.
Pages for Videos and Photos give a rich user experience and deeper understanding of President Hockfield's work.
The timeline is an interactive tool for following the arc of Susan Hockfield's Presidency.
Separate sections for op-eds, essays, and letters to the MIT community keep communications clear and easy to find.


MIT's Office of the President engaged us to build a suite of websites for the President's Office.

During development, the then-current president, Susan Hockfield, announced she was stepping down. So we changed gears quickly and with the help of our design partners at Hecht Design and the staff of the Office of the President, we developed the legacy site for Dr. Hockfield. 

Feature Highlight:

  • Integration of MIT RSS news feeds by theme and topic for automated content updates
  • Interactive photo and video gallery, including an automated feature slideshow
  • Listing of speeches, letters to MIT community and op-eds/essays
  • A customized timeline of the milestones of Dr. Hockfield's Presidency


Hecht Design