Case Studies

MIT 150

The 150th Anniversary of MIT was fast approaching and MIT needed a website that would truly celebrate this achievement. With a hard deadline for launch of this high-visibility website, the developer needed to be reliable and focused. Having built many sites previously for MIT, Indigo Digital was their first call. 

Working with designer Adam Larson of Adam&Compan, Indigo Digital scoped and built a website showcasing the achievements and growth of MIT over the years. The site includes a video archive of first person recollections from people who have shaped or been shaped by MIT over the years. This database allows users to search and filter the video archive for a rich, informative experience.

Since the completion of MIT's sesquicentennial celebration, this site has moved into a more archival function. The home page has seen a complete redesign, and several of the features on the site have either been emphasized (e.g. video collection) or deemphasized (e.g. events calendar). Indigo Digital continues to support the development of the site as a resource for researchers, journalists, and anyone else who wants to learn more about the history, philosophy, and milestones of this venerable institution.

This website had complex and deep functionality, and it was required within a compressed timeframe. This is the sort of challenge that really allows us to shine.

Bring us your "impossible" project.

Special Features

  • Interactive timeline of the school's history
  • Events calendar
  • Symposia calendar and video archive
  • Searchable, filterable video interviews

Technologies Used

  • Drupal
  • Jquery
  • W3C compliant CSS
  • AJAX

Project Brief 

With the 150th Anniversary on the horizon, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology needed a website that would not only showcase the many events being offered as part of the celebration, but be a place where people could learn about what the last 150 years meant for MIT as well.