MIT Organization Chart


The MIT orgchart website is a one-stop shop for learning about the organization of staff and resources at the university. Previously it was a series of static pages that were difficult to maintain. MIT wanted to be able to manage the data using a CMS but also be able to custom position staff on the list.

Interested in an Organizational Chart?

We'd be happy to speak to you about building a custom chart for your organization.

  • We can build it into your existing site, or create a new site for the purpose. 
  • Personnel can edit certain fields, but not others (e.g., their name but not their title or reporting relationship)
  • Allow secretaries/administrative assistants to maintain information for executives without using their own login (no password sharing!)
  • Support dotted-line relationships
  • Integrate other HR functions, as necessary (such as allowing ordering of business cards, stationery)
  • Workflow to ensure that HR or the appropriate manager sees changes before they go live

Any or all of these features is available. Just contact us and we can provide you with a quote.


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