Proud to Announce the Launch of ERI's New Website

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We are pleased and proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for Equity Resource Investments. This was a challenging project for a great client with very high expectations and a clear idea of the aesthetic they wanted to achieve. Working hand-in-hand, we went through dozens of designs concepts and hundreds of variations along the way before hitting on one that worked. Where most design firms need to limit the time spent on any phase of the project to preserve project schedules and profit margins, a small firm like ours can tailor our approach to meet very specific client needs.

ERI Website Before

For instance, we spent days working with the client to build a common vocabulary so that we understood how words like "clean" and "sharp" would manifest in the design. We started with small steps to build trust and to make sure that each element met their expectations; only moving on to the next step when we had consensus. We tweaked logos, colors, fonts and shapes until the client was satisfied. Sometimes providing two rounds of designs per day for the client to review.

Once we had basic elements, we began to build pages and then groups of pages and then we looked at the site as a whole. Even though we had worked so deliberately and carefully, there were still points where we had to step back and make major changes to parts of the site to better serve the whole.

ERI website after photo
ERI Website After

This amount of design time isn't typical for a project, but then again, we work on very few typical projects. It's this level of customized service and attention to detail that sets us apart from our competition.