Indigo Digital uses Exhibit on various websites to provide faceted searching of data. Faceted searching basically means that you have filters you can apply to narrow down your selection. Exhibit functions without reloading the page so it functions much more like an application than a standard web page advanced search.

Examples of where we have used Exhibit:

From Wikipedia:

Exhibit (part of the SIMILE Project) is a lightweight, structured-data publishing framework that allows developers to create web pages with support for sorting, filtering and rich visualizations. Oriented towards semantic web-type problems, Exhibit can be implemented by writing rich data out to HTML then configuring some CSS and Javascript code.


MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) was looking to build a world class website to represent the largest interdepartmental lab at MIT (which includes Sir Tim Berner

MIT Department of Biology

Indigo Digital was tasked with rebuilding and improving the MIT Biology Department's website in 2011.

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