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NormaTec's rebranding effort centered around their newest products, the MVP and MVP Pro, required a new user experience for their website. The site design needed to be updated, there were new products to show, and as their products have garnered accolades from professional and amateur athletes NormaTec wanted to highlight those clients on the site to drive further business. In addition to testimonials, the site needed to be a forum for clients to share their stories and images and provide feedback.

Indigo worked with design firm Stage Branding to not only build a site that would show the science behind the MVP and MVP Pro and allow users to purchase the product, but to also be a true all around resource for Athletes world wide. The result was a site that builds user interest and drives sales through multimedia product information including text, images, and animations.

Special Features

  • Athletes Like You section with photos and details on athletes using NormaTec Recovery system
  • Ability for Athletes both professional and amatuer to upload their own photo
  • Animated giff showing science behind NormaTec Recovery system

Technologies Used

  • PHP
  • Advanced CSS3
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery


Stage Branding