MIT - Housing


The goal of the MIT Housing Office is to keep those residences functioning and the communities within them thriving. And to give students the freedom and flexibility to decide where they would most like to put down roots.

They wanted their website to be a portal to the resources of MIT Housing. Where students could compare MIT residences, apply for housing, find a roommate or an off-campus apartment, learn how the Institute's innovative housing lottery works, and much more.

Indigo Digital worked with Moore Moscowitz Design and the team at the MIT Housing Office.

Special Features

  • Ability to create advertisements for sublets and apartments available for rent
  • Ability for students to apply for and be accepted for rental
  • Dynamic Dates and Deadline home page events block

Technology Used

  •  Drupal
  • ADA compliant CSS
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Javascript
  • jQuery



Moore Moscowitz Design