Case Studies

Madison Park Development Corporation

Madison Park Development Corporation was one of the nation’s first community-based, non-profit organizations tasked with developing affordable housing for low and moderate income residents in Roxbury, MA. But when the Roxbury community began a full redevelopment process MPDC needed their website to reflect this change. Through a complete redesign and build of their site Indigo Digital was able to do all that.  What you’ll find now is a website that looks and feels as diverse as the community is represents. A place where residents can see what’s going on around town and buy tickets to events. Where they can learn about housing opportunities and upcoming projects. Where they can take community action and even apply for college scholarships. is a true community website that brings the talk from the street corner, outside the local convience store, to the web and in doing so, to the many people who benefit from it and support it.

Special features

  • Community Calendar
  • Ticket purchasing through Vendini
  • Online capabilities to make donations and volunteer

Technologies used

  • Flash
  • JavaScript
  • Quickslide
  • JQuery

Project Brief 

When Madison Park Development Corp went from being just a local non-profit to a full community revitalization agency they needed a website to match. Bringing our design skills and our knowledge of the Drupal CMS, Indigo Digital did just that.