Problems with Feeds Module for Drupal 7

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yes, I read instructions. So I read (and re-read) the instructions for the Feed module because I needed to turn a CSV file into nodes. Attempt after attempt, and change the settings as I might, all I was rewarded with was the message "No new nodes." I finally stumbled across a page on the DrupalAnswers section of StackExchange that mentioned line endings being an issue. Since I work on a Mac and my server is Linux, this seemed like a good thing to try, and Joy! it worked. 

I use BBEdit (still) and it has a function in the save/save as dialog called "Line Breaks" and in that select box, simply choose Unix (LF) and save away. The rest of the process outlined in the Feeds documentation worked just fine.

Hope this saves someone some hair pulling.